Early spring is the typical time when homeowners, businesses, gardeners, and lawn care professionals begin to re-invigorate flower beds and mulched areas around the home. Treating beds for weeds, pulling weeds, and adding fresh layers of mulch are all steps to be taken when restoring appearance and prepping an area for new plants or spring growth.

While the end result of this work is quite gratifying, preparing the beds to look their best can be a daunting and time intensive task for those who choose to tackle it by themselves.

Mulching the beds and underneath trees is one of the best things you can do to improve the visual appeal of your property, but it also has several other important benefits:

If you’re preparing to revitalize your beds for spring, you may be wondering how much mulch you’ll need. Once you know the dimensions of your beds, use our Mulch Calculator below to find out how many cubic feet to buy.

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Mulch Calculator

Step #1: Measure your beds

If your beds have irregular shapes, simply draw approximate boxes around each bed to estimate the amount of mulch you need.

Step #2: Calculate

Fill in the measurements of a bed in our calculator, then click the Calculate Mulch button. The calculator will show you how much mulch you need for that bed. Add up the amounts for all your beds.

How Deep Should My Mulch Beds Be?

We recommend you apply mulch the first time to 3-4 inches deep, and reapply each year 2-3 inches deep. If you have previously used a mulch with a higher wood content (i.e. cypress, economy, or a dyed product), it may be necessary to remove the old wood debris before applying new mulch.

Mulch Calculator Rectancular Beds

Rectangular Bed

Mulch Calculator Circular Beds

Circular Bed

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